Suprotecyo Brand is created by Mr. Liu Quanyong, who has more than 20 years’ experience in the sports goods industry. He is one of the major partner of Li-Ning and Adidas in China.

For all the time, the major sports brands are focusing the footwear and apparels, no one is really care about the sports support and protection equipment. More and more people get hurt during their sports workout. So Mr. Liu decided to create a sports support and protection brand to make sports fun and safe. Working together with the professors from Beijing Sports University and the top Medical and Sports Protection factories in China, after more than 100 times of samplings and testing, they successfully developed the key products. The products covered the Knees, Waist, Ankle, Wrist, Thumb, Elbow Support and Protection, also the Kinesiology Tape.

The brand Suprotecyo, means Support & protect for you.

All the Suprotecyo products are Ergonomic, Adjustable, Superlight, Breathable, Comfortable and providing left and right side choice respectively for the Knees and Ankle Support. On the Kinesiology Tape, providing a portable combination of carrying case and scissors, to ensure the portability and safety, and bring a convenient, caring and comfortable experience.

Suprotecyo is continually working on the R&D, to ensure Professional Athlete and sports people enjoy their sports life safely and delighted.