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Sports Kinesiology Tape

100% medical grade acrylic adhesive from Japan
unidirectional high-elastic breathable cloth
the large S-shaped wave breathable gluing process 
water-repellent technology
cylindrical transparent (PS) carrying case with double-sided colored screw-open lid (PP)
high quality stainless steel ball peen safety scissors
portable combination of carrying case and scissors

100% medical grade acrylic adhesive from Japan, 100% latex-free, low-sensitivity and skin-friendly, ensuring the comfort of long-time use, and ensuring the convenience and comfort during removal.

Selecting the ultralight micro gentle cotton fiber and spandex core to spin into the high elastic yarn. And then woven  into a unidirectional high-elastic breathable cloth through a special mesh process. It has high elasticity in the vertical direction and no elasticity in the horizontal direction to ensure stable support effect without restricting normal movement.

The large S-shaped wave breathable gluing process ensures long-time use, comfort and breathability, just like  a second layer of skin.

The surface of the high-elastic cloth adopts a water-repellent technology, which make the tape waterproof and maintain long-time stickiness effectively during the sweat or even rain.

Provide a cylindrical transparent (PS) carrying case with double-sided colored screw-open lid (PP), which is convenient and easy to use, ensuring that the tape can be stored conveniently, to avoid pollution, wrinkles and waste.

Provide high quality stainless steel ball peen safety scissors, high-class, compact, portable and easy to use.

The portable combination of carrying case and scissors ensures portability and safety, and brings a convenient, considerate and comfortable experience.